I make all my cakes using free-range eggs, real dairy butter, and sourcing British & local ingredients wherever possible (British flour & butter, sugar from Suffolk, fresh fruit & jams from Essex & Suffolk, eggs from a local farm).

Choose from the following yummy flavours – why not have a different flavour on each tier. Fully iced cakes include a base coat of white chocolate ganache beneath the top icing. For those considering a naked or semi-naked cake the list below is shown in order of colour, from lightest to darkest (the first four are all the same colour) :

  • Simple sponge – layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream, and either strawberry, raspberry or blueberry jam. Why not try with strawberries & champagne (seasonal)
  • Lemon – layered with either a lemon or passion fruit buttercream & curd. Why not try laced with lemon liqueur
  • Rhubarb & vanilla – made with fresh rhubarb, layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream & rhubarb curd
  • Orange, lime & coconut – a gorgeous summery flavour, layered with lime buttercream & orange curd. Why not try laced with Malibu
  • Coffee & Baileys – moist coffee sponge, layered with Baileys buttercream. Why not try with added walnuts, or laced with coffee liqueur
  • Carrot – deliciously moist, made with sultanas & plenty of fresh carrots (contains a little alcohol). Not usually layered with anything as it’s perfect without
  • Fruit cake – a light, Dundee-style cake with loads of dried fruit (contains a little alcohol)
  • Ginger – moist ginger sponge, layered with either a Madagascan vanilla or lemon buttercream (not suitable for dairy-free)
  • Chocolate fudge – layered with a chocolate & salted caramel buttercream (not suitable for dairy-free). Why not try with orange, or fudge chunks
  • Red velvet – an American classic, layered with cream cheese flavour buttercream (not suitable for dairy-free)
  • Chocolate sponge – layered with rich chocolate sauce & chocolate buttercream. Why not try with orange, chocolate chips, or fresh raspberries
  • Red wine chocolate – a really rich, deep flavour, made with lashings of red wine & layered with cream cheese flavour buttercream


All cakes contain eggs, gluten and wheat and may contain milk products. Dairy-free & gluten-free options are available for most cakes on request (but see exceptions above).
All marzipan and fruit cakes contain nuts (almonds). Nut-free fruit cakes are available on request.
Cakes using dried fruit (fruit cakes, carrot cake) may also contain traces of sulphur dioxide.